About Us

Welcome to CES. From our headquarters in Manchester, UK, we offer a world-leading consolidation service for international schools across the globe.


Since 1980, CES Holdings has enjoyed forging strong relationships with international schools, focusing on the specific needs of English-medium education.

Our passion lies in providing teachers and students with first-class  resources and cutting-edge learning environments, where teaching and learning can excel.

Working with global suppliers and publishers, we offer an unparalleled selection of books, classroom equipment, educational resources and furniture -  all available from a single source.​

Delivering to over 120 countries worldwide – our comprehensive procurement package is specifically tailored to suit individual schools and needs.

In 2020, CES was acquired by Commercial Services, a subsidiary of Kent County Council and the largest local authority in England.


Our new leadership presents an exciting new direction for the business allowing us to enhance and expand our global offering and serve as the most valued partner for international schools. 


CES is founded


Change of focus to deal solely with international schools​


Acquisition of 50,000 sq. ft premises in Manchester​


Awarded design

& installation work at Kellett School, HK


A landmark…​

£300m of UK sourced resources exported​


Acquired by ​

Commercial Services Ltd,​ a subsidiary of Kent County Council  ​

Established in 1928, Commercial Services is wholly owned by Kent County Council and is one of the largest local authority-owned trading organisations in the UK.

They provide an extensive range of products, services and solutions across education, government and other publicly funded organisations, brokering in excess of £610m per annum.

Kent County Council is our sole shareholder.​ As the largest local authority in the country, they provide a diverse range of services to a large population in the south of England.


Their education service is responsible for over 900 schools of all age ranges in the south-east of England, all operating the English National Curriculum.

Working in partnership with 

CES Holdings Ltd, Shepley Estate (South), Manchester, M34 5EX, England

Tel: +44 161 337 9337   •   Fax: +44 161 337 9099   •   Email: info@cesholdings.co.uk