Brexit Statement

Since the UK left the EU on the 1st of January 2021, both CES Holdings and its customers have experienced increased complexity and costs.


We have taken measures to help maintain our operations and ensure we continue to provide ongoing quality service and support to our customers.


Important Note:


The prices on our supplier's websites are not inclusive of shipping or discounts but if you provide us with a list of what you are interested in we will provide you with a quotation, with discounts large enough to cover duty fees. Our service will be fully costed to point of delivery, there will be no clearance fees (we will cover them), and there is no duty to be paid.


Therefore, the price of the goods we quote and the price of the freight we quote will get the goods to school.  We call this service DAP plus fees.


CES have reviewed and improved all our paperwork so that we are no longer experiencing any Brexit related issues or delays with getting goods into EU.


Should you wish to discuss further, contact our Customer Service Team or your Account Manager directly.