Engaging young minds through technology and imagination

Captivate your classroom with Evoke Education's remotely controlled, holographic engagement and communication device.

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Meet Moe, your classroom's new best friend. As an engaging speaker, listener, and all-around captivating presence in the classroom, Moe is everything that you would expect from a learning mentor and guide, in a delightful 3D holographic form. Moe and friends are interactive characters, remotely controlled by teachers or guides. Our friendly characters offer an innovative, research-backed way, to guide children through their learning.

Moe and friends, are Interactive Holographic Characters (IHCs) that utilise the latest in motion capture technology, lip-syncing and voice-altering software to mimic the guide (teacher, psychologist, etc) in control. IHCs are brought into schools through a holographic kiosk that can be easily moved and set up in classrooms, halls and assemblies.

“During our time with Moe the monkey, they encouraged lots of creative activities in all areas of the curriculum.”
– Hannah Hughes, Teacher, Shield Road School, Bristol

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